how to manage an auto repair shop

The price you pay will vary depending on the type of business you open. But on average, you can expect to spend well over $100,000 to open a car workshop. Costs include garage rental space, administrative expenses, auto repair equipment and tools for your technicians. Your marketing plan should also include outreach methods that take advantage of technology to connect with customers.

how to manage an auto repair shop

The software provides important features that are helpful, such as DVI (Digital Vehicles Inspection), tutorials on repairing, and a customer portal. Mechanics and automobile owners will both benefit from its exceptional features. The ARI is a detector program, as shown by its features and capabilities. By tracking KPIs, you can determine where you’re losing money and work on it to boost profitability. On the flip side of the same coin, you can double down on those services where you have a greater profit margin. When your staff feel appreciated, they are more likely to stay motivated and productive.

Time Management Tips for Your Auto Shop’s Success

Your auto body shop is a fast-paced environment where tools, parts, and machinery change hands over and over again. But if inventory shrinkage is a problem at your business, you might want to consider securing some of your most valuable inventory and assets. As you put together your inventory list, you’ll also want to rethink precisely how you physically organize your auto body shop. Shop managers must accept the fact that it is their responsibility to provide leadership to all employees.

how to manage an auto repair shop

Every new venture needs to obtain business licenses specific to the state it operates in. Establishing your repair shop as a legal entity is no exception. You’re a manager who oversees hires, fires and handles any employee issues that may arise. Or you hired someone you thought was a great fit for your team and then found out they weren’t. All of these responsibilities can become exhausting and without proper time management and processes – they can lead to burnout. Throughout the country, businesses have been hit by a severe labor shortage.

Why Is It Important to Keep Track of Auto Repair Accounting?

Conduct research on your competition within the auto industry, and take note of what your shop could be doing differently to set it apart from the rest. Whether it’s engine repair or fixing alignment issues, advertise the services that your bookkeeping for auto repair shops shop does best in order to distinguish your business from the competition, and to create a loyal customer base. If you’re entering a career as an automotive shop manager, it’s important to remember to prioritize the customer’s experience.

Make it a habit to avoid answering your email or the phone just because it’s ringing or you keep getting that annoying email alert pop-up. Don’t instantly give people your attention unless it’s absolutely crucial for your business to offer an immediate response. Set times throughout the day to disconnect and block out times each day to answer email and return calls. Building a database and a relationship with customers can be useful to bring in referrals and it’s your best way to market yourself to existing and new customers.

Auto Mechanic School

Small auto repair shops rely on word of mouth for new customers, but they can also leverage tools already available to make an impact. Social media is an auto shop’s best advertising weapon, and the way a shop looks plays a large role in whether or not a customer will return. Making your business appealing for customers builds trust and adds to the customer experience. Renting or buying work uniforms from a uniform supply company is essential for helping you grow your brand. Xero is cloud-based accounting software that allows small company owners running auto repair shops to monitor their accounts from anywhere and integrates with over a thousand apps. It is less priced than competitors and does not charge extra charges for new users.

  • In a perfect world, you’ll write down every last thing your business uses, including special orders and seasonal items you might not currently have in stock.
  • You can buy speciality, high-density storage where items are placed on tracks that almost compress together when not in use.
  • Technicians’ ability and willingness to be productive is majorly enhanced if you (as the employer or manager) are clearly always striving to make their work life easier.
  • Being able to lay out career plans, being able to set expectations up front — not just expectations of the employee but your expectations as a manager as well,” said Goninen.

They must know the goals of the company, as well as all of the relative Key Performance indicators. For example, when it comes to the company goals, they’ll need to know the long-term goals, as well as the annual, quarterly, weekly and daily goals. They will also need to know the goals for car count, sales, ARO, customer retention and satisfaction, gross profit, technician productivity and efficiency, and taxable income. Learn the skills to service and repair two-stroke and four-stroke engines with our Small Engine Repair Program online classes. Learn how to maintain and repair diesel-based engines and trucks with our online Diesel Mechanics/Heavy Truck Maintenance Career Diploma.

High employee turnover rate is never a good idea when it comes to an auto repair shop and it’s becoming more common than we would like. For example, your auto repair shop could potentially be the only one in a 10-mile radius that offers custom installations for stereos and alarm equipment or specializes exclusively in a specific car make. One of the best automotive repair shop advertising strategies is word-of-mouth marketing—make customers talk about how special your offerings are. It’s also important that you’re realistic about your total cost and revenue so that nothing surprises you when starting your automotive business. It’s also important to factor in your automotive repair shop insurance costs too since this investment can protect your finances.

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